I currently live in New York City and work as the assistant to Jason Viseltear.
My personal violin making studio is located in Brooklyn Heights.

My experience in the world of violin making began in January of 2010 at the Chicago School of Violin Making. Coming from a background of building acoustic jazz guitars I already had an obsession with the structural and aesthetic aspects of carving an “archtop” instrument. In an effort to better understand these nuances I went back to the source – the violin.
At CSVM my primary instructors were Rebecca Elliott and Fredric Thompson. Outside of school I sought supplemental guidance from Bernardo Gutterman and Sam Billings in the historic Fine Arts Building. In December of 2012 I graduated from school and moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to focus on the construction of new instruments of the violin family. During this period I found part-time work with Craig Schaeffer at The String Workshop; where I honed my skills in setup and tonal adjustment. In February of 2019 I relocated to Brooklyn, New York.
Every summer I travel to Ohio for two weeks to participate in the Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop, where I get to learn from and collaborate with some of the world’s leading makers and researchers. When I can find time I like to travel the world to study the work of historic instrument makers – visiting museums, private collections and auction houses.


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